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Remodel Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we remodeling the worship center first instead of constructing education space?
The Building Committee did not prioritize this project above the other project of new space. Both were presented to our design specialist group Churches By Daniel. We are acting on their recommendation to build momentum for the education space by making our worship space more attractive. It was their belief that improving worship space is the first step toward helping us reach families with children and youth.
Does this mean we will never build a new sanctuary?’
 Our Vision Team did years of work on this project. The bottom line was that we do not have an adequate size worshipping community that can afford the sanctuary we dream of. This remodel is not to replace that vision, but to help us grow as a worshipping community that will catapult us forward. Until we are able to grow we will not be able to build what we want.  This project is viewed as a necessary step toward our long range plan.

How much debt will we take on, and how long will it take to pay it off?
The purpose of this capital campaign is to help us remodel the worship center debt free!  Money has been given and saved for a few years to help us with this project. Our hope is that we will raise the remaining funds through this campaign. The answer to this question is that if we can raise $128,000 then we will have no debt. If we come up short of our goal then our debt will be serviced through the budget. How long that will take is unknown.

When would we begin construction and financing for our education space?
Churches By Daniel has conceptual ideas for this space that they are already creating.  However, new construction is always a lengthier process than remodeling. They have not given us a timeline for when those plans will be ready, and the Building Committee cannot develop the financing plan for that construction until we see their plans. So we do not have a specific timeline.
However, as soon as we complete the remodel, we will be receiving money for the new building.  And…should we come in under budget, any unused money will be applied toward the next project.

Where will we worship during the remodel/construction?
We will worship in the CLC. This means we will need crews to set up and take down our stage, equipment, chairs, etc…every week. It should be a reminder of what it was like when the church started in Fisher Elementary School.

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