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One of the most exciting ways we make disciples is through our Confirmation Class. This once-a-year experience is aimed primarily at 6th grade students, though older teens often attend too.


Confirmation classes give an overview of the history of the church, with special emphasis given to the United Methodist tradition in this history. Students learn in table groups about our understanding of grace, baptism, the Lord’s Supper and how to begin/continue a relationship with Jesus Christ. They also have opportunity to ask questions that they may have about being a disciple or the UMC in a safe environment.


At the end of confirmation classes students are invited to make important decisions about their faith. Those who have been baptized are invited to make a public profession of faith, and confirm that faith before the congregation. Those who have not been baptized are invited to consider baptism and confirmation as a way of making a profession of faith. All baptized are then invited to become members.


If you have questions about our Confirmation Classes, please contact Rev. D.A. Bennett via email or by calling 692-4242. He leads the classes and would love to assist you. 

2023 Class Schedule

            February 12            Session #1  (Parent or Guardian must attend first 15 minutes)

            February 19            Session #2

            February  26           Session #3

            March 5                  Session #4

            March 12                  Session #5

            March 19                No class – SPRING BREAK

            March 21                Day Away (weather permitting)

            March 26                Session #6 (Alternate Day Away Date)

            April 2                   Confirmation Day

                                                            1:00   Immersion Baptism

                                                            4:00   Pictures

                                                            6:00   Service of Baptism and Confirmation

                                                            Reception following the service

Rev. D.A. Bennett

Senior Pastor

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