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College & Young Adult


Young Adults

Ages 18-30


Bible Study/Small Groups

We have Bible Study/Small Groups in person each Tuesday at 6:30pm. While the location may vary from time to time, we mainly meet in the youth room. It normally lasts until 7:30, but it can last longer if we have good discussions going! We also occasionally play games after Bible Study, especially if most of us have had a stressful week.


Online Bible Study

Starting September 12, 2022, we will have online Bible Study for those who cannot make it on Tuesday nights. This is to make it more convenient for our college students who live out of town, and those who are just too busy all the time! Online Bible Study will be each Monday at 6:30pm and will last until about 7:00pm. It will be via Zoom, and we will be having the same lesson as our in person Tuesday night Bible Study.


Sunday School

Young Adult Sunday School starts at 9:30am in Rev. Josh Coats' office. Location can also vary for this, and mostly depends on the size of the group. In Sunday School, we will always be focusing on a different lesson than we do for Bible Study/Small Groups.


Worship Nights

Our newest event for Young Adults are our Worship Nights. We will have Worship Nights in the Youth Room once a month during the summer (June, July, and August), once around Christmas, and once around Easter. They start at 6:00pm, and the days vary on availability of our Worship Leader for Worship Nights. Songs are led by Vanessa Heath and a message is given by Lauren Hagner, Director of Young Adult Ministries.


Game Nights

We all have a blast at our game nights twice per month! We normally alternate between active outdoor games and card/board games in order to have some variety. They occur every other Friday at 6:00pm. Card/Board Games will be played in the youth room, while our active games (such as Ultimate Frisbee) will occur in the field to the left of the church or in the church's gym.



We have an annual lock-in each August before our college students head back to school. We are also planning a Halloween and Christmas lock-in for 2022! At our lock-in's you can expect lots of food, fun games, and great movies to watch in the Sanctuary!


Other Events

We have many more events throughout the year that you can learn about on our social media pages. You can also join our Text Remind to get the latest updates!



Instagram: @saokcyam

Facebook: St. Andrew's Young Adult Ministries

Join the Text Remind! Send a text to 81010 and text this message: @standysyam

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Lauren Hagner
Director of Young Adult Ministries

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